Bald Eagle Gets an Easy Dinner

While photographing birds at Burke Lake Park in Burke, Virginia, a Bald Eagle was treated to a easy dinner when a Great Blue Heron dropped a fish in the middle of the lake. Below is the story told through several images. For these, plus more images, please visit my web site at There you... Continue Reading →

The Merganser and the Crayfish

The below picture shows a young Hooded Merganser and a crayfish flying through the air. This image was captured in the middle of the story of the Merganser and the Crayfish. Read on for the beginning and end of the story. Who gets something to eat and who escapes? The story begins as two young... Continue Reading →

Juvenile Bald Eagles at Burke Lake

Over the past few months I have been concentrating my photography time on a pair of adult bald eagles at Burke Lake in Virginia. Recently, however, I spent the afternoon photographing two juvenile bald eagles. Please visit my web site at to see my Bald Eagle, Osprey, and other galleries. I believe, based on... Continue Reading →

Bald Eagle Family

In 2018, a pair of Bald Eagles had three eaglets in Arlington, Virginia. What follows is a summary of a few hours of this eagle family's day. The nest was located in a tree on a narrow strip of land between the Potomac River and George Washington Memorial Parkway. There was a perfect view from... Continue Reading →

The Red-Tailed Hawk

  For those visiting on Facebook please click on link to see entire story and all the images. I got very lucky today at Burke Lake Park.  I came upon a Red-tailed Hawk that I believe had just captured a squirrel.  The hawk let me get about 30 feet away while it feasted on its... Continue Reading →

Raptor Day

If I was inclined to name my days, today would definitely be Raptor Day! I don't know if it was because of the snow storm and they had been hunkered down or if I was just lucky but eagles and hawks were out in force today. First, I spotted what I believe was a Red-Shouldered... Continue Reading →

Birds in the Snow

First snow of 2019 in Springfield, Virginia brought with it a great opportunity to photograph birds visiting the bird feeders and suet holders in our yard. Despite being overcast and snowing, the snow cover actually brightened the light so I was able to use relatively high shutter speed while keeping ISO reasonably low. Please enjoy.

Birds of Burke Lake

I feel very lucky to live near Burke Lake in Virginia. It is permanent home to many bird species as well as migratory home to others. In the middle of the lake is the Vesper Island State Wildlife Refuge. A pair of Bald Eagles built a nest on the island and have inhabited it at... Continue Reading →

Burke Lake Bald Eagles

I've spent several days trying to capture images of a nesting pair of Bald Eagles at Burke Lake in Northern Virginia. I've learned I have to be very patient with some days not even catching a glimpse of an Eagle and other days seeing them but not under ideal light or distance. Learning the right... Continue Reading →

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